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Clinical Research Studies at NNA

Advanced new treatment options for neurological disorders

Medical DirectorLawrence M Saltis, MD

What is clinical research?

Clinical research is the study of an investigational drug or treatment method to evaluate its ability to prevent, diagnose or treat a disorder or disease. This type of research is critical to the advancement of medicine and the development of next-generation treatment methods.

Our commitment benefits patients

Neurology & Neuroscience Associates (NNA) is committed to remain at the forefront of advanced medical therapies. Through our participation in research studies, we aspire to improve the quality of life for people with neurological disorders. Our research program offers participants access to new treatments before they are generally available. Our ongoing partnership with major research sponsors, including internationally recognized health care organizations, enables us to enhance patients’ treatment and improve their lifestyles.

Who can participate?

Advancements in medical treatment are accomplished with the help of individuals—patients and volunteers—who make a commitment to participate. People with the condition under study as well as healthy people may volunteer.

Guidelines for participation are established for each research study. Age, gender, type and stage of disease, treatment history and other medical conditions may be taken into consideration. NNA offers the opportunity to participate to existing patients and members of the community who match a study’s criteria.

Benefits of participation

Clinical study participants have access to the latest medical advances, while assisting others by contributing to scientific research. Participation is entirely voluntary.

Participants receive an informed consent, describing the most common risks for the medication being studied and the potential benefits of participating in the study. They can discuss the informed consent with research staff.

All visits and procedures related to the study are free of charge. These may include physical examinations, neurological testing, study medications and lab tests.

Study methods and medications are extensively investigated in the laboratory prior to use. Furthermore, all federally regulated clinical studies are reviewed and monitored by an Institutional Review Board, which has primary responsibility to the patient.

Throughout the study, participants are closely monitored by their physicians and the research team.

Our Research Team How to become a research participant

Ask your physician if a clinical research study is beneficial for you. To find out more about current studies and how to volunteer, please call 330.572.1011 ore-mail [email protected]