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Fast Track Neurology Clinic at NNA

Open access scheduling for patients with neurological conditions requiring immediate specialized care.

The Fast Track Neurology Clinic at NNA provides open-access scheduling to accommodate the needs of referring physicians and adult patients with neurological conditions that need prompt specialized attention.

Here patients can receive same-day or next-day neurological evaluations, diagnostic testing and therapeutic services on an expedited basis.

Equipped with specialty-trained neurologists and support staff, along with the newest diagnostic technology, the Fast Track Neurology Clinic at NNA offers a streamlined continuum of care in an outpatient setting—from diagnosis and treatment to testing and rehabilitation—all in-house and under one roof.

The Fast Track Neurology Clinic at NNA offers these benefits:

Our practice recognizes the importance of timely and thorough service for patients suffering neurological conditions. Please refer any patient you think has an urgent need to see a neurologist, and provide any recent patient histories, physicals or testing prior to or at the time of the visit.

IMPORTANT: If the patient has suffered a TIA or experienced stroke symptoms, the patient should be referred to NNA's TIA Clinic—specify TIA when calling the hotline.

If the patient has experienced weakness, language deficit or vision loss within the last week and symptoms are still present, the patient should go to the ER.

Fast Track Neurology Clinic Hotline: