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Advanced MRI Services at NNA

Advanced MRI Services at NNA are fully accredited outpatient MRI facilities located in our main office in West Akron. Our MRI facilities provide comprehensive examinations including total body, extremity, neurological, and specialty imaging. All examinations are performed by registered MRI technologists and interpreted by board certified radiologists or neuroradiologists.

Advanced MRI Services at NNA offers High Field MRI. Patients are given the time and attention they need and deserve. Patient comfort is as important to us as the quality of the examination.

Our caring, courteous staff ensures that each patient has a positive experience by reducing their anxiety and concerns about being claustrophobic. We do not rush the patient or the exam. We are able to tailor an exam specific to the patients' symptoms.

Trust the imaging experts at Advanced MRI to care for your patients.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI is a safe and painless diagnostic imaging procedure enabling the physician to view the inside of the body. MRI utilizes the physical properties of magnetic fields, radio waves and computers to generate images of the body.

Advanced MRI Services

Advanced MRI Services offers specialty advanced scanning for the following: